Wednesday, September 17, 2008


u ever wanna sit back and watch life on tv
but the kinda life w/ no cameras
but ur watchin
maybe like God
but without the responsibility of God, like answering prayers, showing mercy, forgiveness, etc.
so neway u watch and u decide to jump in when ur ready
kinda like double dutch
when u feel like u've seen enuff
and u wanna play the game now
and u know exactly what role u wanna play too
u know where u wanna get in
u see where u fit in
and u play
at ur own risk tho....
but i wonder
if u knew what was to come
would u still wanna play
if u knew what life was all about
would u play
u saw all the successes
all the sufferings
all the goods
alll the evils
all the opportunities
all the limitations
would u play

i wonder what i was designed to do
to be
to know
to say
how to do what i am designed to do
i wish i could sit and watch
and jump in when i'm ready
but we're kinda thrown in
so u best be ready
ur ready or not
here we come

we came
did we see
did we conquer?

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