Wednesday, September 3, 2008

as i eat a bagel w/ a cluttered mind

each time i express
each time i refrain
losing myself as i repress
i pray we all remain

all the me's that
from time to time get silenced
i sit, sitting, sat
slumped in my chair reminiscent

conversing, politicking now
about how to get better with God
with each word about
the ways to quicken my spirit, i give a head nod

prayer prayer,
fulfilling God's pleasure
needing to be reading scripture
the manual of Emmanuel

for He is with me
and i Know it
surrounding but I can't see
and sometimes my feelings don't show it

so day to day
i pray to remember to invite You into my heart
renew, new page
get a chance at a new start

and i'm thankful
always thankful
tho hopeless and feeling doubtful
at times
i pray to never forget You

for You and only You know what's best
so You and only You
I'll let near my breast
accurately beneath my chest
secure in my valentine vest

i digress

i feel better already
i'm either ready or deady
do or die they say
do then die he said
do it then make your bed
so no regret

my destiny

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