Tuesday, August 19, 2008

so in about 15 hours I will officially be an RA. hah...love it!! don't u? wanna be ma resident........

lisa from save by the bell/ david allen grier/ billy dee williams

"what's missing from ch blank blank ch.....u r" love it!!

TV IS SOOO NOT REAL LIFE....oooh but if it were.......

"damn Michael you make me wanna go...can i go?" ha!!

it's cheaper to keep her/ cut the corna

oh Jesus. ah fo dis one...i just laffed to tears

my favorite -all time favorite show eva and remedy for life's ills :)

maaan yoo...and part 3 is off off off the chainS. i can't even laff when i watch this show...i just scream...ahhahh...good stuff

Oh Gina hooked this one up..standin O performance.... "u got somebody that got u"

Monday, August 11, 2008

knowing * FEELING

life may not be hard but it feels like it. the conflicting entities of flesh and spirit. the dichotomy of what you feel and what you know. why it is innate to want what can self destruct. why? i sit. i think, to try to not think - things to not think, and thus i think. i wish knowing better can be more powerful than feeling illogically. i try to convince myself that what i know will serve me well than the contradicting feelings of my flesh. some may say this criticizing-self approach is not the way but it is what i feel.

Friday, August 8, 2008

the TRUTH revealed

flavorful favorites fancy farting freely for fun
and boy oh boy am i havin' fun!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


can we dance like nobodees A watchin'

Monday, August 4, 2008

preposition for the day: OVER

its over
been over
i'm over it
tho i reminisce over and over
wondering what has come over me
i hit myself over the head
i'll have my eggs over easy

this pensive state is quite overdue
i must keep my head over water
and leap over the obstacles in ma way
led by God's light shining over me

i heard over conversation
and overheard
MOVE ON don't move over
you're no pushover
but with emotion my cup runneth over
now with logic shall i get over this
but sincere i'm over it
for now...............................................
for tomorrow

Sunday, August 3, 2008

green eyed bag lady

hold yo glasses to the sky
clink clink
its a celebration
neva felt a feeling so sweet
i hum with delight
at the piercing sound of the knife
i scream
with relief


do it again and again

deeper and deeper
are my wounds

sweeter and sweeter
is my tongue

i burst into tears

i smile with jubilee

they neva told me how sweet it would be

they neva told how physically real
heartbreak feels, how suitable the word
is to describe joyful pain

i carry my bags tripping over myself

i hold my head up high

now realizing who the second dress is for

the more the merrier tocelebrate
filled with glasses


with bleeding hearts
i rejoice in pain

cuz its a motha motha mo tha............. celebration

and baby, yea baby, my lover, my one who holds a special place in my heart, my fiya starta, my one of the sun, my first......everything, everything, everything, everything

i thank you!