Thursday, July 31, 2008

eFFin' bEAutiful!!

industry perfect people

each word leads to a sweet panty-droppin-piano-love-makin session
w/ jon mclaughlin.
asomdwoee ~~~~coolness in my ears........................

Sunday, July 27, 2008


4.any mixture, esp. of unrelated objects, subjects, etc.
  • hhaaahhhhh (just breathe)
  • we finally met again
  • at peace but wanting
  • wanting what u can't have or don't need is a b*#ch
  • discipline is no joke
  • heeding to a higher power/ obeying the truth is salvation
  • salvation is relief is peace
  • my family are the greatest sugar daddies i've ever had
  • friends, true friends are blessings. (sing along) how many of us have them...friends
  • belief creates life
  • perhaps these things are all related after all................

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

renew -new direction new beginnings

triumph is soo sweet
slowly but surely
i am a movin
with the goodness and kindness
of loved ones puttin some good, nice,
hot, scorchin'
under ma ass
i am a movin
getting behind the steerin wheel
and sittin in the driver's seat of

Monday, July 21, 2008





miss----- -----u

miss: to regret the absence or loss of
miss: to fail to perceive or understand

i have no regrets
but i miss you
and I hope
to not

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Whodini Philosophy -one you should follow

How many of us have them?
Ones we can depend on
How many of us have them?
Before we go any further, lets be Friends*

Is a word we use everyday
Most the time we use it in the wrong way
Now you can look the word up, again and again
But the dictionary doesnt know the meaning of friends

And if you ask me, you know, I couldnt be much help
Because A friend is somebody you judge for yourself
Some are ok, and they treat you real cool
But some mistake kindness for bein a fool

We like to be with some, because they're funny
Others come around when they need some money
Some you grew up with, around the way
And you're still real close too this very day

Homeboys through the Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall
And then there's some we wish we never knew at all
And this list goes on, again and again
But these are the people that we call friends

When we first went out together, we barely knew each other We had no intentions, on becoming lovers But in no time at all, you became my girl Me and you, one on one, against the world
Talkin on the telephone for hours at a time
Or else I was at your house, or you was at mine Then came the arguements and all kinds of problems Besides making love, we had nothing in common It couldnt last long because it started out strong But I guess we went about the whole thing wrong Cause out of nowhere it just came to an end Because we became lovers before we were friends
(YEEESSSSSS -this was b4 my time 1984, that's ma excuse for missin the message....haha)

How many of us have them?
Ones we can depend on
How many of us have them?
Before we go any further, let's be

You say you and your girlfriend were so tight
You took her out with you and your guy one night
She even had a set of keys to your home
And you shared mostly everything you owned

But as she shook your hand, she stole your man
And it was done so swift, it had to be a plan
Couldn't trust her with cheese, let alone your keys
With friends like that you dont need enemies

You wonder how long it was all going on
And your still not sure if your man is gone
You say, well if she took him he was never mine
But deep inside you know thats just another lie

And now you're kinda cold to the people you meet
Cause of something that was done to you by some creep
But nevertheless, I'll say it again
That these are the people that we call friends

How many of us have them?
Before we go any further, lets be

How many of us have them?
One's we can depend on
How many of us have them?
Before we go any further, lets be

How many of us have them?
One's we can depend on
How many of us have them?
Before we go any further, lets be

Monday, July 14, 2008

I love my crazy friends

Man, woman, i tell ya. If there's one thing i can testify without a shadow of a doubt, it is that God has put some memorable people in my life. He has given me relationships so noteworthy, I just proclaim the blessings. He's shown me the dynamic form of relationships. On one hand i've learned that relationships are necessary for living and on the other hand i've learned that no relationship between "man" comes before one's relationship with God. mmhmm. I've learned to put myself first, but to also put others before me. Or better said, I've learned that i must love myself, but I must also love others more than myself. mmmhm. Alls I know is I've engaged in relationships heaven sent: My folks, my syblings, my friends, and other(s). It is not man that you have faith in, but God. Thankful to God, there are people in my life that I can trust. I'm jus flowin rite now, but I was inspired to write as i chatted with a dear friend of mine. She's such a blessing. She is amidst all the blessings and angels I have recieved. I mean I'm just sheltered by goodness. Sometimes others weed themselves once they are uprooted I realize what they were good for and thus they are nothing but goodness as well. May God bless every being in my life, everything that will ever change, impact, and elevate me.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

that L action

the first time. misunderstanding. miseducation. anger and love. what do we know of love. if we know anything at all. at times i want to hold on to my angry hands and loathing mind. at times like now and yesterday and the day before i want nothing more than to love. to infect with divine love. for self and even more for him, for others as He has commanded me to do. But this world makes it just a tad hard to love your enemies, to love those that don't love u in return, or that don't love you at the level and/or beyond the love you have for them. perhaps its not the world but simply not being loved back that doesn't make it easy. and furthermore it is not easy because we don't have love for ourselves or know the love of God that is meant for us, so without the love of others we know not of love at all. so what do we know of love if we don't know God. and thus the wretched world as we know it lives on. only if you'd understand me , we could make babies under the sun.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Aborofo no

Aborofo no betumi a nnipa papa. They can be good I'm sure i've met some good ones in the past but perhaps not as memorable as the one i know now. He's extra cool. Nice guy. He's my classmate in my Twi class. Boroni learnin twi. Nice ain't No, but its just all been a good experience thus far. I'm not sure if i have laughed or smiled consistantly for a long period of time in my life before. Times like this do not come often or ever 4 me, so i'm taking it as it has come. Me da awurade ase daaa :)