Tuesday, September 9, 2008


the world's smilin
and i say i smile back at u
the sun's shinin
and i say
this black star's shinin too
and what bout u
in yo face if i smiled what would u do
if smilin back is what you choose
or having a str8t face to keep it cool
or givin me a smirk w/ one eyebrow raised playin it smoove
or payin me no neva mind tryna play me for a fool
or scolding me w/ a grim face thinking u ebenezer scrooge
no matta what you do
do you and do it to the full
ima do me and smile till i infect the rest
w/ bless
infect the rest w/ love
letting the God inside shine
inside me
i walk w/ ma head high
cuz joy's inside me
seekin nuttin but positivity
but regardless of what i recieve
i encourage u to do u
cuz ima do me

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