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The Measurement of a Queen/ King
How to Effect Your Generation

Acts 13:36
2nd Kings 24, 25: 27-30

You only have one life to live.
you're given a time, what will you do with it?

*side note: [Queendom= Queen's domain]
A queen has influence over her domain

Old testament is the New Testament concealed.
the New Testament is the Old testament Revealed

Life is not measured by duration , but by donation.

2nd Kings 24: 8 (Case study: Jehoiakim King of Judah)
Heaven's Measurement:
Measurement of duration includes:
  1. age at which you assumed your throne (18 yrs.)
  2. Stage of maintenance -how long you ruled (3 months)
Measurement of donation includes:
  1. Apprenticeship: who influenced you (His mother, Nehushta -A mother's influence is paramount)
  2. Leadership: who you influenced ("He did evil in the eyes of Lord..." scripture says he did evil in the eyes of the Lord, not in the eyes of the people...let it marinate)
King Jehoakim was not a good King, but he got all the things we ask for:
  • Got new clothes
  • Was close with King Merodach of Babylon
  • ate at the King's table
  • and had a set salary for all the days of his life
King Jehoakim, was a king of prisoners, captives, slaves.
He had limited Freedom:
  • A prisoner himself, but moved up to the highest ranks, being a king of the prisoners.
  • so he was able to rule the vicinity of the prison, but not anywhere beyond the prison gates.
  • Its like the Devil says you can go to church, but you can be a good liar -this is limited freedom, you are still captive to the Devil's rule
  • Another analogy for limited freedom: The chickens for christmas dinner get fed and fed before they are killed so they can be nice and fat for our tummies. But to that chicken, he is the King chicken getting breakfast in bed, not having to look for food but food is looking for him. To him, he's got it made...not knowing that the one who is feeding him, is the one who will kill him. Meanwhile the chicken who has to look for her own food, and is skinny is the one that is truly free.
The purpose of a queen is to protect her territory. The prison is not the territory of a queen.
  • The devil will feed you enough and clothe you enough to make you forget your destiny.
God said make me rich. (How can you make God rich?) Give unto me what is mine. What is the Lord's? Not the dollar bill, with the image of a dead prez, but Her children, with the image of God on us. We were made in His image, all children.

The greatest lie the devil told God's children, was that He would make us Kings and Queens of Prisoners.

*side not: [A friend loves you the way you are. A mentor loves you too much to leave you the way you are]

You Queendom is not church, it is anywhere you influence.
God will not measure a church by how many it is seating, but by how many it is reaching.

Help us not to be blinded by the comfort and convenience of the devil.

............thats all i had was way more effective being in the church. but i still wanted to pass the message along. i was doing a lot of mmmhming was just good.

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