Monday, September 8, 2008

Heart needs a change of clothes

so....i be good sometimes. i mean i be good. u know feeling good. feeling like i have command over a situation. feel like i can keep it movin in a forward motion. feelin comfortable in ma skin. feelin good. u know. then somedays, i jus feel like the wind be blowing me every which-a-way and my command over the winds get blown away as well. jus uncertain, a bit lost, a bit scared. then i get these sober moments when i know the devil jus is on his A-game. i mean lying like he ain't neva lied b4 everytime. just a gunnin for me. and i realize that i need my God to be in command all the time, and i realize Her presence on the scene is dependent upon me. dependent upon ma faith and love and willingness to invite Him into my heart -my center that drives my feelings which i heavily act upon. and man, i just know that my heart needs a change of clothes, some new shoes, jus need to be made over.
take my heart and mold it to liken yours, Oh Lord

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