Friday, October 24, 2008

Mad dog's comin...I say mad dog's a comin....hi-freakin-larious

there's just too many elements of funny in this one clip...just too much. God bless Martin 4always

• Guy Torry as the Martin Look alike with sweatshirt that says, “Martin Payne” with an arrow pointing to his face.

Repetition in Ol’ Massa speech plus addresses the camera/ tv audience:
• Nipsy: “Mad dog’s comin’….I said mad-dog’s-a-comin’”

Fake Running Scene/ Panic Scene:
• Waitress screams: “Run for your lives”

Voice over
• Big Black Scary Man portrayed by small Gary Coleman

Stressing words:
• Martin: “Look I’m sorry bout the 5 long (break) hard years (stretch) in prison.

• Martin: You did the crime/ and I guess you had to do the damn time

• Gina: “Go ‘head baby!”

• Martin: “Bring on da noise/ bring on da noise”
• Prop action with Bottle: “I go here” again “I say I go here” and again “I flip it around, bring it back, I go here again.”

Commercial reference:
• Martin: “For all you do, this bud’s for you.”

• Mad Dog: “Yo man relax.”/ Martin: “I can’t relax, I’m tryna tell you something.”/ Mad Dog: “I sad relax.” / Martin: I’m chillin’”

Abrupt shift:
• Mad Dog and Martin bogus-fake crying, then Martin reaches out to touch him, and Mad Dog raises up his fist: Martin: “I guess you ain’t been out long enough.”

Sitcom/ Camio Reference & “Message!”:
• Mad Dog: “I’m making money the right way, I’m a florist.”/ Martin: “What you talking bout’ Mad Dog.”

Corny exist/ Theme music:
• Mad Dog exists with an applause, west coast-themed music (same as his entrance), and a raised pound/ black power fist exchange with Pam and Tommy.

Protagonist roast: Pam: “Yea, standin up to a florist really took alotta guts.”

Retraction of the “Message”:
• Mad Dog gets into a fight as he exists. Mad Dog: “Martin I need a witness.”/ Martin: “No you don’t.”

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