Sunday, July 13, 2008

that L action

the first time. misunderstanding. miseducation. anger and love. what do we know of love. if we know anything at all. at times i want to hold on to my angry hands and loathing mind. at times like now and yesterday and the day before i want nothing more than to love. to infect with divine love. for self and even more for him, for others as He has commanded me to do. But this world makes it just a tad hard to love your enemies, to love those that don't love u in return, or that don't love you at the level and/or beyond the love you have for them. perhaps its not the world but simply not being loved back that doesn't make it easy. and furthermore it is not easy because we don't have love for ourselves or know the love of God that is meant for us, so without the love of others we know not of love at all. so what do we know of love if we don't know God. and thus the wretched world as we know it lives on. only if you'd understand me , we could make babies under the sun.

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Goodkidhello said...

A nice poem of love, or getting love back, or loving yourself again after love, or wasting love? Sometimes I wonder if love is worth it? The answer? I love it.



By Jibanananda Das

Having wasted myriad moments
I now know time is eternity
But love is not all about that.

Yet, having loved you
And then returned to myself,
I have learnt that my heart
Remains awake wherever I station it --
In time told by the clock
Or in time eternal.

('Anek muhurta aami' -- Agranthita Kavita)