Monday, July 14, 2008

I love my crazy friends

Man, woman, i tell ya. If there's one thing i can testify without a shadow of a doubt, it is that God has put some memorable people in my life. He has given me relationships so noteworthy, I just proclaim the blessings. He's shown me the dynamic form of relationships. On one hand i've learned that relationships are necessary for living and on the other hand i've learned that no relationship between "man" comes before one's relationship with God. mmhmm. I've learned to put myself first, but to also put others before me. Or better said, I've learned that i must love myself, but I must also love others more than myself. mmmhm. Alls I know is I've engaged in relationships heaven sent: My folks, my syblings, my friends, and other(s). It is not man that you have faith in, but God. Thankful to God, there are people in my life that I can trust. I'm jus flowin rite now, but I was inspired to write as i chatted with a dear friend of mine. She's such a blessing. She is amidst all the blessings and angels I have recieved. I mean I'm just sheltered by goodness. Sometimes others weed themselves once they are uprooted I realize what they were good for and thus they are nothing but goodness as well. May God bless every being in my life, everything that will ever change, impact, and elevate me.

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