Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Another awesome Sunday Service...I'm here to share the word...hope you receive :D

The Power of the Resurrection:
Phil 3:10-16

The same power that raised Christ from the dead lives with in us.
When we allow ourselves to grow in him, we have access to the power of the resurrection.

None of us came to God ourselves. We were called.We engage in all of Christianity, to understand why He took hold of me; Why did She draw near to me.
  • What purpose does She have for our lives?
  • It is a journey to finding this out, but it is worth the journey.

God designed us to be a partaker of the the power of God. We all desire this, but there are somethings we can't neglect.

  • Are you interested in the suffering and death that needs to be brought to pass before we can experience the power of the resurrection?
  • "There is a price to pay for the prize."
  • "Nobody paid jack for salvation. For us it was free. But Jesus paid for it."
  • We must think about the price we have to pay for the prize.

The power of God/ of the resurrection can be made available, but there is an entire package if you want the power.

  • We must fellowship with His discomfort.

(side note) There are many that are following Him because of what they can get. This is why God sometimes doesn't give the best of Him to us as He knows our hearts.

  • God can't lend you the power if you don't have a "spiritual six pack." "You need to be the Exterminator in the spirit."
  • Many of us are not pressing forward. It is time for us to press.

There is a reason God saved you. You were designed to do something that only you can do.

  • How true are you to your OWN assignment?
  • Sometimes we experience frustration because we are pressing in someone elses lane.

We must learn how to forget the things in the past and learn to look toward the things ahead.

  • Your history can hinder you from your destiny

  • "Admit it, quit it, and forget it." -T.D. Jakes

  • You can never base your life on the agenda of people: People will not let you forget, when God has already forgiven you.

  • God will qualify you for a position that you are not "deserving." That's what favor does.

  • Forget past mistakes and past GLORIES


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