Sunday, February 22, 2009

seeking answers


wish i could be profound. but i'm just baffled.
black folks got robbed yesterday...
in too many ways.
if u thought today was different from yesterday
stop blinkin so much
and use attention to pay
we gosta stay woke
listen to how they spoke
cuz its the same shystuff they sayin today
just covered in a different cloak
but sometimes if ya lucky
the language won't change
the handcuffs were once chains
the whip -we still feel the the pain
don't syt there and think that that was an old day
it is a new day
wit the same ole shystuff done in a new way
we gosta stay woke
cuz only masta teachas transcend and stay alive
its the NIGG#*! they want dead
its gon be the NIGG@#$ that die
tuff stuff
think we been desensitized
to this kinda way of lyfe
where all things that r wrong seem right
so its a pathology to fight
we dance and keep our lipstight
but lil did we know the eruption
of ill consumption
got us clenchin fists at the wrong tyme
they not bein raised no mo
but directed at the folks that look like I
we can all ask why
but don't close your eyes
and you won't have to even try
to see our genocide and demise
dead women and men walking
they have killed our insides
complain, whine, cry
is not the way to combat the crime mind
cuz they'll slaughter and slaughter
till every son hung and we become
sprawled raped daughters.
to paint the city in red
add it to our flag
and sang some anthem for the dead
we can't sit on the side lines
watchin w/ the blind leadin the blind
the only time to close eyes
is to be in praya
i crouch in a corna hopin for rainbows
and wishin for the sunrise
misty mornin
i can't see no sun
i know ur out there somewhere
havin fun'
i digress
no lie -yesterday was a mess
but this scene has been played and replayed
and each time i try to process
thinking what should we do next
write theory and research
get in the picket line and
scream 'til they've heard
i'm hurt
but i'm not gon hit you
naw brotha
sista i won't hit you
tho i feel a thousand blows to my chest
ima try to get rest
amidst unrest
but if you conscious
u'll find sleep is a deathtime away
cuz they blast noise of injustice
and its keepin me awake
but then some may just turn that noise into music
and dance to it
we groove to it
and like the wolf that licks the blade
put in tha ice by the hunta
we drink our own blood
killin ourselves
its a cold asbutt summa
and tha heat's thick in tha winta
we livin and breathin death
amidst it all
i try to catch my breath
and i'm askin
what should we do next?!?!
elect a Black prez
perhaps we can build on dat
but its mos def not just that
some may be high on da hog
but some die off da hog
so to my dying breed stay woke
so we can get found up out this los(t/s)

i mean
not until the battle's won
ima try to get my masta teacha on

i'm done...

a huh aw uh ah huh........(however u spell breath)

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